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Hear From Our Participants

Workshop and coaching

Maria's coaching was a pivotal experience for me. It taught me to focus inward and examine my habits rather than pointing fingers at others. The workshops provided deep insights into the psychology of team collaboration, enhancing my understanding significantly.
Hanna KekkonenSenior Advisor


This program provided a solid foundation for understanding the importance of communication by delving into our behaviours. It has laid the groundwork for enhanced teamwork and my personal development."
Kim KörberCo-founder and CSO


Through this program, I've significantly improved my communication and capabilities. I've learned that effectively conveying my message and establishing credibility isn't bragging—it's essential. This newfound understanding has been transformative, both professionally and personally.
Anri KivimäkiFounder and CEO


As an engineer, I initially doubted the utility of this training. However, it proved to be invaluable. I gained a clear understanding of both my behaviour and that of others, which has been crucial in my role. It was definitely time well spent.

This is not for the lazy f*cks

Elevate your sales and probability of success with our unique, psychology-based proven coaching program.

  • "Every day you wait is a missed opportunity to boost your sales and advance your career."
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    "Personal growth isn't just about changing what you do—it's about evolving who you are. Our coaching doesn’t just teach skills; it transforms mindsets. Are you ready to grow?"
  • "Are you stuck in the same routine, watching opportunities pass you by? Imagine where you could be in just 12 weeks with the right guidance. Don’t let another day slip away. Take the first step towards your new future today."
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    Trusted by many

    Our proven methods are endorsed by industry leaders, entrepreneurs, organisations and engineering firms.

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    Key Benefits

    Discover the core benefits of blending sales psychology and engineering expertise with understanding behaviour.


    The program is practically oriented and pragmatic, focusing on behaviour and real-life use cases that align with a growth mindset and can-do attitude. If you want it, work for it and succeed.

    Flexible Learning

    A 12-week program designed to help you reach peak performance, with online group and individual coaching sessions and 24/7 access to online materials to fit your busy schedule.

    Community Access

    After the course, you can join our Skool community for ongoing support, and networking.

    By the Numbers

    Join hundreds of engineers, sales people and entrepreneurs who are winning through understanding the importance of behaviour psychology in succeeding.

    over 200
    Satisfied Clients
    Sales Increase
    Hours Saved

    Maria Pennanen Founder, Executive Coach, Serial Entrepreneur

    Maria Pennanen is an esteemed leader in entrepreneurship and executive coaching, with significant influence on startups and established businesses. With a corporate background spanning 17 years, she pivoted to entrepreneurship in 2011 and co-founded Accelerator Frankfurt in 2016, notably advancing FinTech and blockchain startups worldwide.

    Maria also created the innovative Mindclip® method through her company, Mindclip Behaviour, to enhance understanding of behaviour and motivation using AI.

    Recognized among the EU's top 50 influential women in startups and venture capital, Maria has supported hundreds of startups, serving as a mentor and angel investor.

    She holds three Master’s degrees in Process Engineering, International Management, and Clinical Organizational Psychology and is fluent in multiple languages, adding depth to her global coaching perspective.

    Maria is dedicated to empowering women in leadership and entrepreneurship. Her coaching programs focus on building confidence, enhancing leadership skills, and promoting work-life balance, aiming to support women in their professional growth.

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